This series of pictures was provided by gassole:











-------This series was taken from a an NFL Total Access Broadcase-------------


Ok, in this pic, Champ is hidden behind Warren, about to be hit.



Here is a zoomed in version of the same, the ball is just below Warrenís right elbow, Watson hasnít made contact yet.



Here, Watson has made contact, but you can clearly see the pylon to the right of the play.The ball is still visible just under Warrenís right elbow.



Here is a more fuzzy, zoomed in pic. Again, you can just make out the brown blob under Warrenís right elbow, which is the ball.



Here, the tackle has been made, the ball is in the air.You can see it between Warrenís body and right wrist and hand.Again, clearly to the left of the pylon with a constant camera angle that hasnít changed.



Again, blown up and fuzzy, but you can see the brown blob between his body and hand.




This next one is just advanced a frame or so, and the ball is now flying away, between Warrenís body and elbow.Again, still clearly left of the pylon.


In this next spot, you see Warren kept running forward and the ball kept on its trajectory, which appears to be almost a straight line from this camera angle.The ball is clearly visible against the Bronco banner and well left of the pylon.



One more shot of basically the same thing.